Lars Lofstrand

Simplifying Real Estate

Simplify Real Estate

About Lars Lofstrand

Rewire Realty is lead by Lars Lofstrand.

Rewire Realty works hard to Simplify Real Estate. Here are some ways we do this.

We work as a team. You will have a primary person you interact with, but behind the scenes, we have recruited and trained the best people to manage the different aspects of a Real Estate Transaction.

Our Specialists include Buyer Specialists, Listing Specialists, Negotiating Specialists, and Transaction Coordination Specialists.

Buyer Specialists work specifically to assist buyers to clearly identify what they are looking for, and then facilitating finding it.

Listing Specialists manage the intricacies of Listing a Property so that it sells for the highest price to the most qualified buyer.

Negotiating Specialists handle tough negotiations between parties to a real estate transaction. You want someone who knows how to get the most for you in negotiations.

Transaction Specialists work in the background to ensure that the administrative aspects of real estate transactions run smoothly.